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Connecting Off Campus

The Student Network has been extended into a number of private flat complexes and student housing in town.  If you're resident in one of these locations, you can sign up for Student Networking in much the same way as students living in residence.

In some locations (mainly those listed as having a surcharge), you need to make arrangements with your landlord or their agent to have your port activated before you can complete Rhodes' sign up process.

Where is this available?

Student Networking is currently available in the following locations:

LocationAddressConnectedSurcharge?Port Faults
Allen Place Allen St 2012 / Fibre Yes GEEnet
Aquitaine Way African St (across from Rose St) 2012 / Fibre No Landlord
6A Croft Street 6A Croft St 2012 / Wireless Yes Insight
Doves-on-Huntley Huntley St 2012 / Fibre Yes GEEnet
Eleanor Court African St (behind Tintagel) 2014 / Fibre Yes Insight
One on Luke 1 Luke St 2013 / Wireless Yes Insight
Three on Luke 3 Luke St 2013 / Wireless Yes Insight
3rd on Milner 3 Milner St 2013 / Fibre Yes GEEnet
New Holland Holland Street (off Milner) 2013 / Wireless Yes Insight
Somerset Corner African St/Somerset St 2010 / Fibre No Landlord
Summer Place African St/Somerset St 2009 / Fibre No Landlord
The Greens New St (next to Hi-Tec) 2005 / Fibre No Landlord
The Hub 20B African St (across from Rose St) 2012 / Fibre Yes Insight
Tintagel African Street 2014 / Fibre Yes Insight

How does this differ from residences?

The type of networking that's available in these locations is more or less identical to what's in University residences (except that we currently have no plans to deploy the eduroam wireless network into privately-owned off-campus accommodation). However, there there are some administrative differences between the way Student Networking works on campus, and the way it works in these locations.

We levy an additional fee for connecting from these locations.

Some, but not all, complexes also levy their own surcharge for use of the infrastructure within the complex (the surcharge column above shows which).  This is because the cables, network points, etc that connect you to the network all belong to the complex owners or their agents (rather than the University) and the complex is responsible for maintaining them.  It also means that, unlike in residences, problems with cabling, etc should be handled by your landlord or their agent (see the "Port Faults" column above).

Like residences, other locations connected to the Student Network are expected to appoint a "house rep" to act as a liason between the residents and the Information Technology Division.  More often than not, the same person acts as a liason between the residents and the body corporate or managing agents, at least when it comes to the network infrastructure.  So if you need help, this is the person to find.

How do I get my digs connected?

Due to financial, technology and staffing constraints, we regret that we are unable to consider adding any additional complexes to the network at this time.

What alternatives are there?

Unfortunately if your digs is not in one of the complexes listed in the table above, then you cannot connect to the Student Network from home. Most students in this circumstance make use of one of the local Internet service providers in town to get ADSL, wireless, or 3G connectivity from home. These will certainly be more cost-effective than anything we might be able to offer.

That said, most of the University's core IT facilities (email, etc) and teaching resources (such as Internet resources offered by the Library & RU Connected) are available from anywhere on the Internet. This means that if you've got a private Internet connection at home, you'll still be able to access pretty much the same things as users of the Student Network; it just won't be quite as fast.

If you've got a laptop, notebook or tablet, you can still use the Student Network (particularly wireless) when you're on campus.

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