Learning Technologies

The Educational Technology Unit fulfil various roles within CHERTL and the institution, including

  • academic staff development,
  • consultation about blended and online learning
  • research,
  • contributing to formal qualifications
  • management of technological resources
  • policy and strategy development where relevant to educational technology
  • management and support of RUconnected

Technology may provide the opportunity to engage student learning outside of the traditional classroom. Choices around blended and online learning need to be aligned to pedagogies. We encourage a pedagogy first approach. We acknowledge that technology is not neutral; that access to technology is not evenly distributed; and that technology can be used either to serve the interests of the status quo in higher education or to contribute to its transformation.

To book a consultation, or if you have a query, please use the dedicated email helpline: edtech@ru.ac.za.  

Technologies currently supported:


The Rhodes University  Learning Management System (LMS) is an institutionally supported virtual learning space for teaching, learning & assessment activities and resources. How to videos are available via this YouTube playlist. For staff support, please email edtech@ru.ac.za For student support, please send a message via our RUconnected Support Facebook page.


E-portfolio system (accessed from within RUconnected)


Text matching system to help check originality of written work (accessed from within RUconnected). 


Google apps that can be accessed by staff (at this point) with an institutional login. This does not include the support of Google Classrooms as an alternative to RUconnected.


Software used to create screencasts and narrated presentations. We have an institutional license available for staff. Please email n.kramm@ru.ac.za


A cloud-based web-conferencing tool used to host online meetings. We have an institutional license available for staff. Please email n.pallitt@ru.ac.za 

A digital writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to detect potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes.  We have an institutional license available for staff and students. 


Instructions: 1) Go to https://www.grammarly.com/edu/signup. Please enter your name, email @ru.ac.za and preferred password to sign up for a Grammarly account.


2) Check your email (Inbox and spam folder) for a confirmation email and click the link to activate your account. If you require an access code to complete this activation please email n.pallitt@ru.ac.za 



Capture digital audio and video from your screen; edit digital video. Limited licenses are available to staff. Please email n.kramm@ru.ac.za


Qualitative data analysis software for use by academics and registered postgraduate students. Limited licenses are available. Please email edtech@ru.ac.za


COVID-19 Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning Resources

Resources for teaching staff:

RU remote teaching guide

What my course site should have and low-tech principles

RU tools guide

RU Teaching Online (RUconnected course site)

RU Tutoring Online (RUconnected course site)

Supporting Students’ Writing Online (RUconnected course site)

Questions for formative evaluation of online teaching

RU Guidelines for assessment approaches and methods for online and remote teaching and learning

RUconnected Help videos on YouTube

Resources for students:

RU Learning Online (RUconnected course site)

Open access online orientation resources for student online orientation

RUconnected Support on Facebook

Other important documents and resources:

EdTech Strategy (2018-2020, access via RUconnected)

Teaching and learning with technology (2016)


Explore free mobile apps to enhance teaching, learning and research:

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