Learning Technologies

The Educational Technology Unit fulfils various roles within CHERTL and the institution, including

  • academic staff development,
  • research,
  • contributing to formal qualifications, and
  • management of technological resources.

We acknowledge that technology is not neutral; that access to technology is not evenly distributed; and that technology can be used either to serve the interests of the status quo in higher education or to contribute to its transformation.

To book a consultation, or if you have a query, please use the dedicated email helpline: edtech@ru.ac.za.  

These are the technologies we currently support:


A virtual learning space for teaching, learning & assessment activities and resources.


E-portfolio system (accessed from within RUconnected)


Text matching system to help check originality of written work (accessed from within RUconnected). 


Google apps that can be accessed by staff (at this point) with an institutional login.


Capture digital audio and video from your screen; edit digital video. Limited licenses available.


Qualitative data analysis software for use by academics and registered postgraduate students. Limited licenses available.

 Explore free mobile apps to enhance teaching, learning and research:


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