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Associate Professor Lynn Quinn

Prof Lynn Quinn
L.Quinn@ru.ac.za | 046 6037391

I have been involved in the field of Academic Development since 1995. My first career was as a high school English teacher. When I started working in what was then called the Academic Development Centre my work mainly involved supporting students in terms of academic writing. My MA research project focused on students' writing in higher education. At the end of 2006 I completed my PhD which is entitled: 'A social realist account of the emergence of a formal academic staff development programme at a South African university'. From 1999 CHERTL at Rhodes began to focus more on academic staff development. Academic staff members at Rhodes are supported in a range of ways including formal qualifications such as the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDip (HE)) and the CATALyst/Assessors’ Course. I have been centrally involved in designing and facilitating these formal programmes since their inception.  Over the last few years there has been an increasing demand for CHERTL expertise in relation to academic staff development nationally. This has resulted in CHERTL staff members offering a range of staff development courses and workshops, including the PGDip (HE), at other higher education institutions (HEIs) all over South Africa. In response to the national need to build capacity in the field, from the start of 2011 CHERTL has begun offering a PGDip (HE) designed particularly for staff in Academic Development Units / Learning and Teaching Centres in HEIs in Southern Africa. I am the current co-ordinator of this qualification. In addition, I am involved in the supervision of doctoral students who are part of the CHERTL doctoral programme, including a teaching and learning research group. 

My publications can be accessed at: ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-2922-1312

Peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters

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Teaching resources

Clarence, S., Quinn, L. and Vorster, J. (2015) (eds) Assessment in Higher Education: Reframing traditional understandings and practiceshttp://www.ru.ac.za/teachingandlearning/resources/publications/

Quinn, L. (2015) Introduction in Assessment in Higher Education: Reframing traditional understandings and practiceshttp://www.ru.ac.za/teachingandlearning/resources/publications/

Newspaper articles

Vorster, J. & Quinn, L. (30 November 2015) How academic staff development can contribute to changing universities. The Conversation. https://theconversation.com/how-academic-staff-development-can-contribute-to-changing-universities-51163 

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 Commissioned research reports 

Quinn, L. (2003) An evaluation of the impact of a formal programme leading to the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and Training (PGCHET) at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.  Case study research report for the ETDP SETA.  December 2003

Quinn, L. (2004) Independent review of the current curriculum development processes at Peninsula Technikon.  Unpublished.

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