2021 Learning from past mentors

First year students sometimes ask: What’s it like being a student at Rhodes? How is it different from school? How will I find my place in the community?
What is a faculty and how does it work? How do I balance my academics with my social life? How will I cope with the volume of work?
What if there are problems at home? How do I manage my time?
Each first year mentee receives a copy of this mentoring orientation booklet which discusses mentoring and the offerings of the Extended Studies TAI student peer mentoring programme, and how these may help in finding solutions to the above and other questions. The booklet aims to assist first year students to understand the various roles and responsibilities of mentors, faculty facilitators and mentees as well as how the TAI programme may contribute to their development. The booklet provides quizzes and shares the experiences of previous mentees with newly arrived first year students. Mentors also familiarise themselves with the booklet so that they are well-placed to engage with their mentees in this regard.


Graduate stories

From a chartered accountant to a singer-songwriter-actress to a master of Science, TAI graduates continue to make varied and valued contributions to their communities. Here you will read the stories of Avela, Nkosozana, Nokuthula, Sikelelwa, Surprise and Ziyanda. These six inspiring individuals made Rhodes University their home and graduated successfully through the partnerships which they developed with the Extended Studies and TAI mentoring programme.

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