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Dr Richard Pithouse

Phone: (+27) 046 603 8353
Email:   r.pithouse@ru.ac.za

Dr Richard Pithouse is s senior researcher, programme co-ordinator and supervisor at the Unit for Humanitites at Rhodes University.

Dr Pithouse has taught politics at Rhodes University since 2010, where he teaches contemporary political theory and urban studies and runs an annual, semester-long post-graduate seminar on the work of Frantz Fanon. He has been nominated for the prestigious Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award for both 2010 and 2011. He has published widely on urban politics in South Africa. Richard is interested in the philosophy and politics of equality and freedom, and is currently working on the question of space in the work of Frantz Fanon and popular struggles for the right to the city in South Africa with a focus on Durban. He is also a widely published journalist - who actively contributes to media outlets such as Mail & Guardian, Daily Maverik, The Con - and has written about music, poetry and politics. He sustains a lifelong commitment to active participation in popular struggles.

Dr Pithouse recently participated in Draft (a project which collectively considers how contemporary art can initiate, invoke and contribute to public debates) in Bombay (June 6, 2015). He delivered a lecture titled "South Africa in the Wreckage of Liberalism" - see Richard Pithouse Draft Conference, in order to view th video recording.

Recent publications:

Pithouse, R. Writing the Decline: On the Struggles for South Africa's Democracy. Jacana Media: Johannesburg, 2016.

Pithouse, R. "An Urban commons? Notes from South Africa." Community Development Journal 49.suppl 1 (2014): i31-i43.

Pithouse, R. "The Shack Settlement as a Site of Politics: Reflections from South Africa." Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy 3.2 (2014): 179-201.

Pithouse, R. "Nelson Mandela, 1918–2013 The Crossing." Radical History Review 2014.119 (2014): 247-249.

Pithouse, R. " Imperial Debris: On Ruins & Ruination." AL Stoler (ed.),Canadian Journal of History 49.2 (2014).

Pithouse, R. In the Forbidden Quarters: Race, Space & the Enduring Rationality of Rebellion in Durban. Diss. Rhodes University, 2014.

Pithouse, R. "Book review: Ekhaya: The Politics of Home in KwaZulu-Natal." Journal of Asian and African Studies (2015): 0021909615576834.



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