William Froneman

Head of Department

Professor of Zoology

William Froneman (Professor of Zoology)

Phone: + 27 (0) 46 603 8959

Research Interests

Plankton food webs of shallow water ecosystems
Southern Ocean Biology

Current students

M Gusha PhD
T Mangadze PhD
M Caputo PhD
S Redelinghuys MSc

Past Students

G Tweddle PhD
T Dalu PhD
R Daly PhD

Recent publications

Book chapters

Froneman PW (2018). The ecology and food web dynamics of South African intermittently open estuaries. In Estuaries (Ed) Froneman PW. Intech, Croatia. Pp 85-98

Peer review articles

Dalu T, Wasserman RJ, Magoro ML, Mwedzi T, Froneman PW, Weyl OLF (2017). Variation partitioning of benthic diatom community matrices: effects of multiple variables on benthic diatom communities in an austral temperate river system. Science of the Total Environment 601: 73-82.

Ansorge et al. (2017). Exploring South Africa’s southern frontier: a 20-year vision for polar research through the South African National Antarctic Programme. South African Journal of Science 113: 1-7

Caputo M, Froneman PW, du Preez D, Thompson G, Plon S (2017). Long-term trends in cetacean occurrence during the annual sardine run off the Wild Coast, South Africa. African Journal of Marine Science 39: 83-94.

Tweddle G, Froneman PW (2017). Fish recruitment during three different hydrological mouth phases in a South African temporarily open/closed estuary. African Journal of Marine Science 39(2):

Caputo M, Rubenstein DI, Froneman PW, Bouveroux T (2017). Striping patterns may not influence social interactions and mating in Zebra: observations from melanic zebra in South Africa. African Journal of Ecology DOI: 10.1111/aje.12463.

Dalu T, Wasserman RJ, Froneman PW, Weyl OL (2017). Trophic isotopic carbon variation increases with pond’s hydroperiod: evidence from an austral ephemeral ecosystem. Scientific Reports DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-08026-6

Wasserman RJ, Weston M, Weyl OLF, Froneman PW, Welch RJ, Vink TJF, Dalu T. sacrificial males: the potential role of copulation and predation in contributing to copepod sex-skewed ratios. Oikos 127: 970-980.

Matcher GF, Froneman PW, Meikeljohn I, Dorrington RA (2018). Distinct responses of bacterial communities to agricultural and urban impacts in temperate southern African estuaries. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 200: 224-233.

Dalu, T, Wasserman RJ, Wu Q, Froneman PW Weyl OLF (2018). River sediment and nutrient variations along an urban-agricultural gradient in an arid landscape: implications for environmental health. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25: 2842-2852.

Nel HA, Froneman PW (2018). Presence of microplastics in the tube structure of the reef-building polychaete, Gunnarea gaimardi (Quatefages 1848). African Journal of Marine Science 40: 87-89.

Dalu T, Adams JB, Bate GC, Nunes M, Froneman PW, Wasserman RJ (2018). Overview and status of estuarine microphytobenthos ecological research in South Africa. African Journal of Marine Science 40: 1-12.

Mangadze T, Dalu T, Froneman PW (2019). Biological monitoring in southern Africa: a review of current status, challenges and future prospects. Science of the Total Environment 648: 1492-1499.

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