Kim Weaver

Community Engagement Officer

+27 46 603 7702
Office: S08, Second Floor, Life Sciences Building

BSc (Hons), Entomology, Stellenbosch University (2009)
MEd, Rhodes University (2015)

Kim completed her Master’s in Environmental Education at Rhodes in 2015. With her background in Entomology from Stellenbosch (BScHons), she is eager to facilitate the process of demystifying the field of Entomology among our local communities by introducing them to the various uses of insects such as biological control. This is done through various awareness and educative programmes around Grahamstown and the Eastern Cape. Another aim is to try and foster a culture of community engagement within science disciplines.

Research interests

  • Awareness of biological control
  • Early detection of alien invasive plants
  • Experiential learning in programmes
  • Value of engaged programmes
  • Education Resource Development

Recent publications

Weaver KN, Hill MP, Hill JM, Coetzee JA, Martin GD, Paterson ID (2017) Community entomology: insects, science and society. Journal for New Generation Sciences. 15(1): 176-186.

Martin GD, Hill M.P, Coetzee JA, Weaver KN and Hill JM (2018) Synergies between research organisations and the wider community in enhancing weed biological control in South Africa. BioControl, 63: 437 - 447.


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