Cassandra Barker

MSc Candidate (Marine Biology)

BSc Rhodes University (2017)

BSc (Hons), Marine Biology, Rhodes University (2018)

Office: S10, Second Floor, Life Sciences Building


Thesis Title

How will intra-specific variability shape how species respond to climate change?

Supervisor: Christopher McQuaid
Co-supervisors: Gerardo ZardiShelley Edwards

Cassandra completed her undergraduate and Honours degrees at Rhodes University and majored in Microbiology and Zoology. She is currently investigating how individuals from two lineages of the brown mussel, Perna perna, respond to changes in climate and assessing how their interactions on the rocky shore might differ with a change in climate. Originally from Kwa-Zulu Natal, the exposure to such a beautiful, tropical environment and her habit of disappearing into nature, often causing great stress to her mother, lead her down the path to studying biology. Cassandra has a passion for the natural world and strives to learn a little bit more about it each day.




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