Samantha Prinsloo

Entomology Masters candidate

Samantha Prinsloo

Office: S10, Second Floor, Life Science Building


BSc, Entomology & Microbiology (2017)

BSc (Hons), Entomology, Rhodes University (2018)

MSc thesis title: Synergism and formulation of entomopathogenic fungi for foliar control of various citrus pests.

Supervisors: Prof Martin Hill, Dr Sean Moore, Dr Candice Coombes & Prof Antoinette Malan

Samantha completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Rhodes University, majoring in Entomology and Microbiology. She then went on to complete her BSc (Hons) in Entomology. Samantha has been part of the CBC since 2017 when she completed her 3rd year project which investigated the effects of insecticides on entomopathogenic fungal isolates. In her Honours year, Samantha completed two year-long projects, the first involved the initial screening of potential plant fungal pathogens that could be used to control Water hyacinth. Her second project investigated the susceptibility of different artificial diets/preparation methods to fungal contamination.

Samantha is now working towards her Masters in Entomology, which involves the biological control of a key citrus pest in South Africa, False codling moth (FCM). She aims to investigate the relationship between different insect pathogens, specifically entomopathogenic nematodes and entomopathogenic fungi, to improve control efforts of FCM in integrated pest management (IPM) programmes. Samantha is also investigating possible fungal formulations, to protect fungal spores against UV radiation.

Samantha has enjoyed working within the field of biological control and is looking forward to what the future has to offer for upcoming entomologists and the field of biological control globally.

Research interests:

  • Biological control
  • Insect pathogens

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