Thifhelimbilu Mulateli

Entomology Masters Candidate 

F16, First Floor, Life Science Building or

BSc, University of Venda (2015)
BSc (Hons), University of Venda (2016)

Thesis title: Post-release evaluation of the biological control programme against jointed cactus (Opuntia aurantiaca) Lindley (Cactaceae)

Supervisor: Dr Iain Paterson, Co-supervisor: Prof Martin Hill

Thifhelimbilu is a second year MSc student who is currently investigating the augmentative releases of the cochineal insect, Dactylopius austrinus De Lotto a biological control agent for jointed cactus, Opuntia aurantiaca Lindley (Cactaceae). Her study aims at investigating the mass rearing and augmentative releases of the cochineal insect for biological control of jointed cactus. The main objectives of this study is to determine the impact of the cochineal insect without augmentative releases, whether the increased released efforts will result in increased control and  to also determine the intensity at which the cochineal insect should be released in order to reduce jointed cactus population . The desired outcome of her study is to determine the optimum number of releases required to control jointed cactus to the lowest possible density and to also to compile best practice protocol for the use of cochineal insect to control jointed cactus.

Recent publications

Mulateli, T. 2017. Cactus eaters. Science Today.


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