Egbon Ikponmwosa

Entomology Doctoral Candidate


MSc University of Ghana (2009)



Thesis title: Choice of source populations of Catorhintha schaffneri for the biological control of Pereskia aculeata in South Africa: a geographic matrix approach.

Supervisor: Prof. Steve Compton, Co-supervisor: Dr Iain Paterson

 Egbon completed his Masters at University of Ghana, Legon in 2009. He is currently working on biological control of invasive alien species and plant-insect interaction. Specifically, his research is on Pereskia aculeata, an invasive alien plant in South Africa,  and Catorhintha schaffneri, its biological control agent. It is aimed at disentangling the role of intra-specific and/or genetic variation of the weed on performance of the agent. He enjoys being a field biologist and a teacher; and working ‘with’ insects has made it so awesome.



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