Elodie Heyns

Elodie Heyns (Marine)Marine Biology PhD
MSc Rhodes University

e-mail elodieheyns@gmail.com

Thesis title

A comparison of the trophic interactions between shallow and deep-water temperate reef communities within the Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa.

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Richoux


Heyns, E.R., and Froneman, P.W. 2010. Spatial and temporal patterns in the community structure in a warm temperate Southern African permanently open estuary. Estuarine and Costal Shelf Science, 88: 105 – 115.

Cooper, J., Bester, M.N., Chown, S.L., Crawford, R.J.M., Daly, R., Heyns, E., Lamont, T., Ryan, P.G., Shaw, J.D. 2009. Biological Survey of the Prince Edward Islands, December 2008. South African Journal of Science, 109: 317 - 320.

Froneman, P.W., Ansorge, I.J., Richoux, N., Blake, J. Daly, R., Sterley, J., Mostert, B., Heyns, E., Sheppard, J., Kuyper, B., Hart, N., George, C., Howard, J., Mustafa, E., Pey, F. and Lutjeharms, J.R.E. 2007. Physical and biological processes at the Subtropical Convergence in the South-west Indian Ocean. South African Journal of Science, 103: 193 – 195.


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