Emily Strange


Entomology Doctoral Candidate

Phone: +27 073 939 3896

Email: emilyfstrange@gmail.com


BSc (Hons) Manchester Metropolitan University‌ (2010)

MSc Leeds University (2012)



Thesis Title

Exploring mechanisms of submerged plant invasions in a South African context.

Supervisor: Dr Julie Coetzee, Co-supervisor: Dr Jaclyn Hill


General Summary

Emily completed her MSc. in Conservation and Biodiversity at The University of Leeds in 2012. Her PhD project is focused on the invasive water weed Egeria densa. I hope to develop a biological control agent for this problematic invasive species as part of a wider project that aims to explore the driving mechanisms of submerged aquatic invasions in South Africa. This multi-faceted study will look at the use of stable isotope analysis, the roles of competition and alternate stable states regarding community dynamics, as well as the potential to implement biological control methods, all in a bid to further our understanding of the role invasive species have in their affected ecosystem.



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