Kirstin Williams

Kirstin Williams (Entomology) - NIA

MSc Rhodes University

Entomology PhD

'phone +27 [0]46 603-8525
FAX +27 [0]46 622-8959

Thesis title

Molecular systematics and biology of two closely related blowflies: Lucilia sericata and Lucilia cuprina. Supervisor: Professor Martin Villet

Recent publications

K.A. Williams. 2010. Museum collections - resources for biological monitoring. African Invertebrates 51(1): 219-221.

T.I. Tantawi, K.A. Williams, M.H. villet. 2010. An accidental but safe and effective use of Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in maggot debridement therapy in Alexandria, Egypt. Journal of Medical Entomology 47(3): 491-494.

C.S. Richards, K.A. Williams, M.H. villet. 2009. Predicting geographic distribution of seven forensically significant blowfly species (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in South Africa. African Entomology 17(2): 170-182.

K A Williams, F J Cronje, L Avenant, M H Villet. 2008. Identifying flies used for maggot debridement therapy. South African Medical Journal 98(3):196 -197.

K.A. Williams and M.H. Villet. 2006. A history of southern African research relevant to forensic entomology. South African Journal of Science 102: 59 - 65.

K.A. Williams and M.H. Villet. 2006. A new and earlier record of Chrysomya megacephala in South Africa, with notes on another exotic species, Calliphora vicina (Diptera: Calliphoridae). African Invertebrates 47: 347 – 350.

E. Musvasva, K.A. Williams, W.J. Muller and M.H. Villet. 2001. Preliminary observations on the effects of hydrocortisone and sodium methohexital on development of Sarcophaga (Curranea) Tibialis Macquart (Diptera: Sarcophagidae), and implications for estimating post mortem interval. Forensic Science International 120: 37 - 41.

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