Kudzai Mtambanengwe

Kudzai Mtambanengwe

Entomology & Microbiology Doctoral Candidate


Phone: +27 071 980 0078

Email: mtambaz@gmail.com    


Bsc (Hons), Rhodes University (2012)

MSc, Rhodes University (2014)


Thesis title: Genetic characterisation of a range of HearNPV isolates and evaluation of biological activity against geographically distinct populations of bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera.

Supervisor: Dr Caroline Knox, Co-supervisor Prof. Martin Hill,  Dr Sean Moore

Kudzai began working on his PhD topic 2014 June, right after completing his masters topic in biotechnology waste recycling. His thesis is based on the control of Helicoverpa armigera (Cotton bollworm, African bollworm, corn earworm, American bollworm), a fairly large worm that is a major agricultural pest. The research involves investigating and discovering new virus pathogens that can be used to control the infestation of the bollworm populations and genetically characterising the virus populations. Upon finishing his PhD, Kudzai would like to use his experience in agricultural control in the manufacture of bio-pesticides globally.

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