Leandro Bergamino

MSc Montevideo, UruguayLeandro Bergamino

Marine Biology PhD

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e-mail lbergamino@gmail.com

Thesis title

Effects of allochthonous organic matter input into an aquatic food web. Supervisor: Dr Nicole Richoux.

Recent publications

Bergamino L, Lercari L and Defeo L (2012) Terrestrial trophic subsidy in sandy beaches: evidence from stable isotope analysis in organic matter sources and isopod Excirolana armata. Aquatic Biology 14:129-134.

Lercari D & Bergamino L (2011) Impacts of two invasive mollusks, Rapana venosa (Gastropoda) and Corbicula fluminea (Bivalvia), on the food web structure of the RIO de la Plata estuary and nearshore oceanic ecosystem. Biological Invasions 13:2053-2061.

Bergamino L, Lercari D and Defeo O (2011) Food web structure of sandy beaches: temporal and spatial variation using stable isotope analysis. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 91:536-546.

Lercari D, Bergamino L and Defeo O (2010) Trophic models in sandy beaches with contrasting morphodynamics: comparing ecosystem structure and biomass flow. Ecological Modelling 221:2751-2759.

Bergamino L, Muniz P and Defeo O (2009) Effects of a freshwater canal discharge on polychaete assemblages inhabiting an exposed sandy beach in Uruguay. Ecological indicators 9:584-587.

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