Megan Reid

Entomology PhD candidate

Office: S9, Second Floor, Life Science Building
Email: or 

MSc, Entomology, Rhodes University (2019)

PhD research: Host specificity testing of potential biological control agents for Nymphaea mexicana Zuccarini (Nymphaeaceae)

Supervisors: Prof Julie Coetzee and Prof Martin Hill

Megan is working on initiating a biological control programme for Nymphaea mexicana (Mexican water lily), an invasive species that originates from southern USA and Mexico. For her MSc. she conducted genetic work on the populations of N. mexicana in South Africa and conducted surveys in USA to find natural enemies that could act as potential biological control agents. For her PhD, Megan is conducting host specificity tests on the insects she identified in USA to determine if they are safe for use in South Africa.


REID, M. K., COETZEE, J. A., HILL, M. P., DIAZ, R., GETTYS, L. A., CUDA, J. P. & REID, C. S. 2020. Insect herbivores associated with Nymphaea mexicana (Nymphaeaceae) in southern United States: potential biological control agents for South Africa. Florida Entomologist 103:54–63.

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