Terence Bellingan

MSc Rhodes University    

Entomology PhD

'phone +27 [0]741552070
FAX +27 [0]46 622-8959
e-mail g04b1386@campus.ru.ac.za

Thesis title

The impact of indigenous and alien fish on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in selected river systems in South Africa. Supervisor: Dr Olaf Weyl. Co-supervisor: Professor Martin Villet

Recent publications

Woodford, D.J., de Moor, F.C., Barber-James, H.M., Bellingan, T.A., Ellender, B. and Weyl, O.L.F. 2011. K8/922: Monitoring the impact and recovery of the biota of the Rondegat River after the removal of alien fishes. Field report to the Water Research Commission

Woodford, D.J., Weyl O.L.F, Bellingan T.A., de Moor, F.C. and Day J.A. 2011 Setting a monitoring baseline for assessing the effects of piscicide operations on the biota of the Rondegat River. At: South African Society of Aquatic Science. Ithala Game Reserve, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, 26-30 June 2011

de Moor, F.C. and Bellingan, T.A. 2010 Aug. Caddisflies as indicators of climate change: Preliminary data from the southern Cape, South Africa. Congress pg 8 and SIL 2010 Abstracts. In: SIL 2010 XXXI Congress of the International Association of Limnology. 15-20 August, ICC Cape Town, South Africa (Congress proceedings Abstract).


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