Dr Jonathan R. Monsinjon

Postdoctoral Fellow: Marine Biology

BSc, Universit√© Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 2012 

MSc, Universit√© Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 2014

PhD, Universit√© Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 2017 

Email: j.monsinjon@ru.ac.za

Project title:

Modelling of intertidal mussel microclimates. Understanding changes in intertidal species communities

Supervisor: Prof Christopher McQuaid

During his PhD, Jonathan started working on the effects of temperature on the embryonic development and the phenology of sea turtles under climate change constraints. Now, he extended his research to the community and ecosystem levels by looking at biophysical and inter-species interactions, with a focus on the intertidal zone.

Research Interests:

Marine Ecology
Ecosystem Functioning
Ecological Niche Modelling
Species Interactions
Climate Change


Recent Publications
  • Monsinjon, J.R., et al. (2019) The climatic debt of loggerhead sea turtle nesting populations in a warming world. Ecological Indicators, 107: 105657.
  • Monsinjon, J., et al. (2019) Effects of temperature and demography on the phenology of loggerhead sea turtles in Brazil. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 623: 209-219.


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