Dr Lenin Dzibakwe Chari

‌Postdoctoral Fellow

Office: F11, First Floor, Life Science Building

PhD, Zoology, Rhodes University (2016)

During his PhD, Lenin studied trophic relationships in riparian areas. He utilized fatty acid and stable isotope markers to investigate the contributions of aquatic food sources to diets of web-building spiders and odonates in the Kowie River banks. Since completing his PhD, Lenin has switched his research focus to entomological biocontrol. He is currently working on an Australian funded project of identifying potential biological agents for African Boxthorn (Lycium ferocissimum) and Gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus), two native plants in South Africa that are noxious weeds in Australia. He enjoys conducting native range surveys for both plants and insects of biocontrol interest.

Research interests

  • Entomological Ecology
  • Biological Control of invasive terrestrial plants
  • Odonata Ecology
  • Biodiversity and Trophic Ecology in Riparian Areas

Recent publications

Chari, L.D., Martin, G.D., Steenhuisen, S.L., Adams, L.D. and Clark, V.R., 2020. Biology of Invasive Plants 1. Pyracantha angustifolia (Franch.) CK Schneid. Invasive Plant Science and Management, 13(3), pp.120-142.

L. D. Chari, E. V. Mauda, G. D. Martin & S. Raghu. Insect herbivores associated with Lycium ferocissimum (Solanaceae) in South Africa and their potential as biological control agents in Australia. African Entomology, 28:2, 2020.

G. A. McCulloch, E. V. Mauda, L. D. Chari, G. D. Martin, K. Gurdasani, L. Morin, G. H. Walter, & S. Raghu. (2020) Genetic diversity and morphological variation in South African boxthorn (Lycium ferocissimum) – characterising the target for biological control. Biological Control, 143, 104206.

Dalu, T., Murudi, T.T., Dondofema, F., Wasserman, R.J., Chari, L.D., Murungweni, F.M. and Cuthbert, R.N., 2020. Balloon milkweed Gomphocarpus physocarpus distribution and drivers in an internationally protected wetland. BioInvasions Record, 9(3).

Chari, L.D., Richoux, N.B., Moyo, S. and Villet, M.H., 2020. Dietary fatty acids of spiders reveal spatial and temporal variations in aquatic-terrestrial linkages. Food Webs, 24, p.e00152.

Netshiongolwe, N.R., Cuthbert, R.N., Maenetje, M.M., Chari, L.D., Motitsoe, S.N., Wasserman, R.J., Munyai, L.F. and Dalu, T., 2020. Quantifying Metal Contamination and Potential Uptake by Phragmites australis Adans.(Poaceae) Along a Subtropical River System. Plants, 9(7), p.846.

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Dalu, T., P.W. Froneman, L.D. Chari, and N.B. Richoux. 2014. Colonisation and community structure of benthic diatoms on artificial substrates following a major flood event: a case of the Kowie River (Eastern Cape, South Africa). Water SA. 40(3): 471–480.

Tambara, E., T. Dalu, A. Murwira, S. Kativu, and L.D. Chari. 2013. Dynamics of fallow secondary succession pathways and prospects of ecosystem recovery in semi-arid agricultural landscapes. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa. 68(2): 133–140.


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