Tamryn Marsberg

Postdoctoral Fellow in Agricultural Entomology

Email: tamrynmars@gmail.com

‌PhD, Entomology, Rhodes University (2017)

Tamryn completed her PhD at Rhodes University in 2017, her researched focused on identifying and characterising a novel baculovirus for the use as a microbial control agent against tortricid moth pests. Currently she is in her second year of post-doctoral research at Rhodes University and Citrus Research international (CRI) where she is investigating the sterility of the F1 generation of sterile moths. 


Reserach interests
  • Agricultural research
  • Biological control
  • Entomology
  • Baculoviruses
Recent publications

ABDULKADIR, F., MARSBERG, T., KNOX, C.M., HILL, M.P. AND MOORE, S.D. 2013. Morphological and genetic characterization of a South African Plutella xylostella granulovirus (PlxyGV) isolate. African Entomology. 21 (1): 168 -171.

MARSBERG, T., HILL, M.P. MOORE, S.D. AND TIMM, A.E. 2015. DNA-based identification of Lepidoptera associated with citrus in South Africa. African Entomology. 23 (1): 165 – 171.

ABDULKADIR, F., KNOX, C.M., MARSBERG, T., HILL, M.P. AND MOORE, S.D. 2015. Genetic and biological characterisation of a novel Plutella xylostella granulovirus, PlxyGV-SA. Biocontrol. 60 (2): 507-515.

MARSBERG, T., JUKES, M., CHAMBERS, C., HENDRICKS, C., KNOX, C., HILL, M. AND MOORE, S. 2017. The isolation of a novel alphabaculovirus and its potential for microbial control of key toricid moth pests. Microbial and Nematode Control of Invertebrate Pests, IOBC-WPRS. 129: 175-178. 

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