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Jason Sterrenberg

PhD Student

Research Project

OCT4 and HSP90 – Who is regulating the stem cell regulator?

The ability to reprogram somatic cells to a pluripotent state (induced pluripotent stem cells, iPSCs) has revolutionized studies on stem cell biology. OCT4 is a transcription factor that is vitally important in maintaining and regulating pluripotency and in reprogramming of cells into iPSCs. The activation of OCT4 is highly regulated through a series of phosphorylation and other post-translational events. A recent study in murine embryonic cells has shown a direct interaction between the molecular chaperone HSP90 and OCT4, although this interaction has not been observed in human cells. Our aim is in the elucidation of an OCT4-HSP90 multi-chaperone complex in the human system and characterization of the post-translational events required for the interaction. Additionally the presence and biological significance of the OCT4-HSP90 complex in modulating pluripotency and differentiation will be analyzed using a human iPSC model.


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Life outside the lab...

I enjoy... football, rugby, watching sport, playing sport, eating, chocolates and dogs.




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