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Students usign the group study room on the first floor of the main library

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CBC researchers working on one of their research tunnels

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Rear view of the Rhodes University main library, by Sophie Smith

Rhodes University seeks solutions to Makhanda water crisis

Instead of the usual public lecture given by recipients of the Award, Professor Tally Palmer and her team are inviting members of the community to experience engaged research at the Vice Chancellor’s Community Engagement 2018 Award Lecture (“Water Works for Everyone”).

Reconfiguring, reshaping and reimagining our region

As part of International Week, which started off with a vibrant parade hosted by the Rhodes University International Office, an inaugural Internationalisation Summit was held on 19 May.

WATER WEEKLY 10 | 17 May 2019

Welcome to our latest edition of Water Weekly. Please continue to #SaveOurWater by sticking to the 50 litres per person per day limit.

The university course that changed everything

Tanatswa Chivhere, second-year Law and Journalism major at Rhodes University, signed up for the IiNtetho zoBomi course after her friend told her that it was relatively easy. She shares her journey with us.



This unique and very sought-after multicultural event creates a space for the Rhodes University community, both staff and students, to celebrate Africa Day. The rich cultural experience gives individuals the opportunity to dress in the formal attire of their choosing, displaying the rich diversity of the Rhodes University community. Both music and cuisine from all around the African continent is celebrated and enjoyed during this vibrant cultural event.



The Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Community Engagement Award is a prestigious and competitive annual award which recognises meaningful and committed partnerships between the members of the university and community partners in the areas of teaching, learning and research, where human and material resources of the University have been combined with assets found in local communities in order to contribute to sustainable human and community development.



Trails, Traditions, Trajectories: Rethinking Perspectives on Southern African Histories