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Michaelone Vaaltyn

MSc Student

Research Project

The interaction of HOP/mSTI1 with RhoC in Mammalian cells 

HOP is one of the main co-chaperones in the Hsp90 chaperone cycle and it is known to play a role in a range of cancers. There is previous data from our lab which suggested a new role for HOP in migration by controlling the cytoskeletal dynamics of cancer cells through regulation of the activity of members of the Rho family signalling molecules, in particular RhoC. The exact mechanism is still unknown, thus the aim of my project is to study the role of HOP in the cell signalling pathways that result in the activation of RhoC. We have thus hypothesised that HOP interacts directly with RhoC.


Still to come...

Life outside the lab...

enjoy spending time with my family and friends with the bit of free time that I get on weekends and on an early weekday(s). As a researcher/ Masters student, one has limited free time because one sometimes has to come into the lab on weekends and work late if you want work to get done, so most of my life I spend inside the lab.




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