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Natasha Boël

PhD Student


Research Project

Investigating the mechanism of FN turnover by novobiocin: identifying a role for Hsp90 and LRP1

Previous data from our group has shown that FN is a putative client of extracellular Hsp90 and that inhibition of Hsp90 causes FN to become destabilised leading to its internalisation via LRP1. We are currently investigating the mechanisms by which Hsp90 inhibition is able to cause FN destabilisation and turnover.



  1. Mziyanda Mbaba, Amanda N. Mabhula, Natasha Boel, Adrienne L. Edkins, Michelle Isaacs, Heinrich C. Hoppe, Setshaba D. Khanye. (2017). Ferrocenyl and organic novobiocin derivatives: Synthesis and their in vitro biological activity. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 172, 88-93.

Life outside the lab...

I have a super healthy and active lifestyle outside the lab. I am an aerobics instructor at Rhodes University and love taking part in various forms of sport and outdoor activities. I also love cooking and when experiments aren’t working I am a firm believer in some good retail therapy!




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