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Dr Jo-Anne de la Mare

JoLecturer in Biochemistry

 ‌Research Interests

  • Triple negative breast cancer cell biology
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Phenotypic screening of novel compounds

For detailed information on my research, please see the BioBRU website (link)

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Biochemistry (2012)

M.Sc in Microbiology with Distinction (2009)

B.Sc Hons. In Microbiology with Distinction (2006)

B.Sc in Microbiology and Biochemistry with Distinction (2005)

Positions and Awards

Lecturer in Biochemistry (January 2017- CURRENT)

Claude Leon post-doctoral fellowship (2016)

Rhodes University post-doctoral fellowship (2015)

NRF Innovations post-doctoral fellowship (2012-2014)

NRF Prestigious PhD scholarship (2009-2011)


Jo-Anne de la Mare, Tamarin Perks and Adrienne L. Edkins (2017). Extracellular Hsp90 and TGFβ regulate adhesion, migration and anchorage independent growth in a paired colon cancer cell line model. Cancer Cell International.

Godwin Akpeko Dziwornu, Mino Caira, Jo-Anne de la Mare, Adrienne Edkins, John Bolton, Denzil Beukes, Suthananda Sunassee (2017). Isolation, characterization and cytotoxicity of new metabolites from the South African endemic red algal species Laurencia alfredensis. Molecules 22: 513

Clinton G.L. Veale, Adrienne L. Edkins,  Jo-Anne de la Mare, Carmen de Kock, Peter J. Smith  and Setshaba D. Khanye (2015). Facile synthesis and biological evaluation of assorted indolyl-3-amides and esters from a single, stable electrophilic intermediate. Tetrahedron Letters 56(14):1860-1864

Saeb Aliwaini, Wendy L Kröger, Angelique Blanckenberg, Jo-Anne de la Mare, Adrienne L Edkins, Selwyn Mapolie and Sharon Prince(2015). The palladacycle AJ-5 exhibits anti-tumour and anti-cancer stem cell activity in breast cancer cells. Cancer Letters. 357(1):206-18

Jo-Anne de la Mare, Lara Contu, Morgan C Hunter, Buhle Moyo, Lorraine Z Mutsvunguma, Jason N Sterrenberg, Karim Dhanani and Adrienne L Edkins (2014). Breast cancer: current developments in molecular approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Recent Patents in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery 9(2): 153-175.

Gwynneth Felicity Matcher, Meesbah Jiwaji, Jo-Anne de la Mare and Rosemary Ann Dorrington (2013). Complex pathways for regulation of pyrimidine metabolism by carbon catabolite repression and quorum sensing in Pseudomonas putida RU-KM3S. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 97:5993–6007

Jo-Anne de la Mare, Jason N. Sterrenberg, Mugdha G. Sukhthankar, Maynard T. Chiwakata, Denzil R. Beukes, Gregory L. Blatch and Adrienne L. Edkins (2013). Assessment of potential anti-cancer stem cell activity of marine algal compounds using an in vitro mammosphere assay. Cancer Cell International 13:39-54.

Candice L. Bromley, Shirley Parker-Nance, Jo-Anne de la Mare, Adrienne L. Edkins, Denzil R. Beukes and Michael T. Davies-Coleman (2013). New oxindole from the South African marine ascidian Distaplia skoogi. South African Journal of Chemistry 66:64–68.

Suthananda N Sunassee, Clinton G Veale, Nelusha Shunmoogam-Gounden, Omalaja Osoniyi, Denver T Hendricks, Mino R Caira, Jo-Anne de la Mare, Adrienne L Edkins, Antônio V Pinto, Eufrânio N da Silva Júnior and Michael T Davies-Coleman (2013). Cytotoxicity of lapachol, β-lapachone and related synthetic 1,4-naphthoquinones against oesophageal cancer cells. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 62:98-110.

Jo-Anne de la Mare, Jessica C Lawson, Maynard T Chiwakata, Denzil R Beukes, Adrienne L Edkins and Gregory L Blatch (2012). Quinones and halogenated monoterpenes of algal origin show anti-proliferative effects against breast cancer cells in vitroInvestigational New Drugs 30:2187- 2200.

Book Chapter

Earl Prinsloo, Leanne C. Cooper, Buhle Moyo, Jo-Anne de la Mare, Jessica C. Lawson Adrienne Edkins, and Gregory L Blatch. Heat Shock Proteins in Normal and Cancer Stem Cell Biology: Implications for Regenerative and Chemotherapeutic Medicine IN Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and Cancer (©2010 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.). Editor: Shree Ram Singh, Chapter 27, pp.693-713. ISBN: 978-1-61761-342-5.

Contact Information

Telephone: +27-46-603-7332

e-mail: j.delamare@ru.ac.za

Location: Rm 237, 2nd floor of Biological Sciences Building, Cnr Artillery and Prince Alfred rd


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