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I am interested in enzymes and enzyme inhibitors - and how they can serve the bioeconomy - the South African bio-economy in particular. Termite metagenomic library derived lignocellulolytic enzymes can assist us in converting lignocellulose to valuable commodities such as biofuels and platform chemicals. Mannan-degrading enzymes and the manno-oligosaccharides (MOS) they generate can address the need for prebiotic compounds in the field of nutrition and the food industry. Marine biomass derived enzyme inhibitors are very potent tools for addressing diabetes and obesity, by virtue of the fact that these key metabolic diseases are characterised by over-stimulated enzymes (usually via the diet) in our bodies. Cold-active/adapted enzymes (from Antarctic sources) are important biocatalysts in various industries, for example the detergent and food industries. Collectively, our arsenal of enzyme and enzyme inhibitors provide the bioeconomy with novel, more potent solutions.

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