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Linguistics graduates shine

Date Released: Tue, 1 May 2012 00:00 +0200

The Department of English Language and Linguistics recently celebrated the graduation of its class of 2011 with its annual Graduation Reception on Saturday 14 April.  This year's crop of graduands, although relatively small, included some sparkling achievers.

In his speech, Professor Ralph Adendorff, the head of the department, noted the contrasts in this group.  The Linguistics 3 class of 2011 was a quiet bunch in lectures.  Amy Sutherland was the top achiever and the winner of the Bill Branford Prize, although her top spot was closely contested.

By contrast, the Honours class of 2011 was bubbly and loud, making their presence felt every time they were in the department.  They enjoyed their Honours year so much that five of them decided to stay for Master's: Tracey Beangstrom, Sanne Lauriks, Hazel Mitchley, Amy Richardson and Jade Smith.

There was only one Master's graduate this year: Ian Siebörger, a lecturer in the department who gained a distinction and high praise from his examiners for his thesis on literacy, orality and recontextualization in the South African parliament.

For more photos of the Graduation Reception, visit http://gallery.ru.ac.za/v/FACULTIES/Humanities/English+Language+and+Linguistics/Graduation+2012/.