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  • Ron Simango (Professor and Head of Department)
    Research areas: Syntax, contact linguistics
  • Ralph Adendorff (Professor)
    Research areas: Critical Discourse Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics, ethnography
  • Mark de Vos (Associate Professor)
    Research areas: Syntax, literacy
  • Sally Hunt (Associate Professor)
    Research areas: Corpus linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis


  • Ian SiebörgerResearch areas: Systemic Functional Linguistics, Legitimation Code Theory, media discourses
  • Tracy Probert
    Research areas: Psycholinguistics, literacy
  • Mbali Jiyane
    Research areas: Psycholinguistics, morphosyntax, Critical Discourse Analysis


Senior Research Associate



Doctoral students


Master's students

Department of English Language and Linguistics staff and third-year students

Department staff and English Language and Linguistics 3 students, 2017


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