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Southern African Microlinguistics Workshop 4

Date: 27 November 2015 09:00 - 29 November 2015 17:00
Location: Environmental Learning Research Centre, Rhodes University
Organiser: Will Bennett (Phone 0466037423)
Event Type: Conference

This workshop is an attempt to bring together linguists working in Southern African microlinguistics (broadly defined as linguistics which focuses on the structure of language as opposed to, for example, its sociological or educational role in society). This includes researchers based in Southern Africa working in various areas of linguistics, as well as those based elsewhere working on Southern African languages. The workshop provides an opportunity for in-depth presentation and discussion, with hour-long time slots available, and no parallel sessions.

Visit the SAMWOP 4 website: https://sites.google.com/site/samwop4/

As with the previous SAMWOP workshops, a special issue of Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus will be set aside to which attendees will be encouraged to submit their papers.

Rhodes University will provide a venue for the talks, but workshop attendees will have to pay their own way in terms of accommodation and travel. There will be no workshop registration fee.


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