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O-Week Panel Discussion: Language Studies

Date: 06 February 2019 10:00 - 06 February 2019 10:45
Location: Barratt Lecture Theatre Complex, Rhodes University
Organiser: Prof. Mark de Vos (Phone 046 603 7418)
Event Type: Orientation

Choosing majors

Don't know what to study in first year?  This panel discussion will showcase the possibilities for studying languages at Rhodes University.  Lecturers from the Department of English Language and Linguistics will be there to answer questions on what linguistics is, and how taking English Language and Linguistics 1 can enrich any Humanities degree.

This area is not only about the study of languages and their literatures themselves but also questions
associated with language use. One question would involve how human beings learn languages. Another
might consider the way language contributes to inequality in a world where English is increasingly being

Careers as translating, editing and teaching are just some of the areas of work opened up by study in this field.

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