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Meet the team

Assistant Accountant Research

Mary Fike

Tel: 046 603 8162
Fax: 046 603 8908

Email: m.fike@ru.ac.za


Responsible for the management and smooth running of the research finance office, dealing with queries and the administration of the HEAIDS grant. Responsible for checking new contracts with regards reporting requirements, VAT treatment and budgets.

Supervisor - Research Finance

Samantha Leighton

Tel: 046 603 8729

Email: s.leighton@ru.ac.za


 Responsible for the supervision of the Research Finance staff and assisting the Assistant Accountant.

Financial Administrator

Mzuzile Lunke

Tel: 046 603 8857

Email: m.lunke@ru.ac.za


Responsible for , JRC, RU Grant accounts and Internal grant account administration. Accounts starting with 3....

Financial Administrator

Siphokazi Peter

Tel: 046 603 8095

Email: s.peter@ru.ac.za


Responsible for all contracts and grants (accounts starting with 56... and 59...), Highway Africa (accounts starting with 19... and 51...) andDictionary Unit for South African English (account starting with 90...), account administration and reporting.

Supervisor - NRF

Charmaine Mostert

Tel: 046 603 8041

Email: c.mostert@ru.ac.za


Supervisor for the NRF and THRIP account administration, JRC, RU and Internal grants. NRF claims and NRF related queries and various NRF Chairs.

Senior Accounts Clerk

Busisiwe Goba

Tel: 046 603 8686

Email: b.goba@ru.ac.za


Responsible NRF accounts (accounts starting with 4....), account administration.

Financial Administrator

Kim Nell

Tel: 046 603 8108

Email: k.nell@ru.ac.za


Responsible for various Institutes (accounts starting with 19...) and Mellon Foundation (accounts starting with 58...), account administration and reporting.

Financial Administrator

Saziwe Gotyana

tel: 046 603 7040

Email: s.gotyana@ru.ac.za


Responsible for Short courses (accounts starting with 554.. and 553..), various Institutes (accounts starting with 19...), Bursaries, Tax invoices & non-tax invoices on research accounts.

Financial Administrator

Linda Booi

Tel: 046 603 8095

Email: l.booi@ru.ac.za


WRC (accounts starting with 497..), Conferences (accounts starting with 51...) and various Institutes (accounts starting with 19...).

Financial Administrator

Bonga Nqoloba

Tel: 046 603 8614

Email: b.nqoloba@ru.ac.za


NRF Sarchi Chair accounts ( accounts all ranges).


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