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Medical Aid

By law, all international students in South Africa are required to be covered by a South African medical aid provider for the duration of their studies in South Africa. Rhodes University will only register international students who can provide proof that they have medical aid cover for the duration of the whole year that they are registering for. Please do not arrive at Rhodes without adequate medical aid cover.

Students without adequate medical cover are liable to face diciplinary action by the University.

Remember to bring the confirmation letter to registration as proof that you have purchased adequate medical cover.

How Do I Know If My Medical Aid Is Sufficient?

To register, you will need to be covered for the whole year that you are registering for (i.e. 12 months). Please make sure that you pay for your medical aid in full at the beginning of the year before arriving at Rhodes.

You medical aid provider must be recognised by the South African Council of Medical Schemes for it to meet the legal requirements. Please double check that your medical aid is on this list of medical schemes: www.medicalschemes.com/MedicalSchemes.aspx

Purchasing Medical Aid

Rhodes University does not provide medical aid to its students. The following service providers can assist you in acquiring medical aid:







Collecting Medical Aid Cards

Consultants for Momentum, Compcare and Absa are at Rhodes University, in Eden Grove building for the whole of O-Week each year. Thereafter, these consultants come to Rhodes every two weeks, on Thursdays between 11am and 2pm to drop off card.

The International Office will not retain these cards. Students should collect their cards directly from the relevant medical aid consultants while they are on campus.

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