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Lilian Ngoyi Alumnus Awarded Prestigious Oxford Scholarship

Date Released : 27/05/2015

Nhlakanipho Mkhize, better known to his friends as “Colin” is a proud Lilian Ngoyi Alumnus who has recently been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University in the UK from September 2015.

Lilian Ngoyi Hall Community Engagement

Date Released : 26/06/2015

On the 9th and 23rd of May 2015, students from Lilian Ngoyi Hall started the first leg of a planned long-term Community Engagement project with the Raglan Road Day Care Centre.

Hall Warden's Welcome speech

Date Released : 25/06/2015

You have all just joined the Lilian Ngoyi or Nelson Mandela Hall family, families that are filled with fun, exciting, diverse and exceptional people: you have just made lots of friends for life