The True Flies (Diptera) of South Africa

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The Families


The flies of South Africa are currently classified into 91 families. The list of families is compiled from Scholtz & Holm (1985) and Barraclough (1995).


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Gordon Ramel's Fly Page
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World Diptera Systematists List, by Neal L. Evenhuis


Family: Tipulidae (crane flies)
Family: Tanyderidae
Family: Ptychopteridae (phantom crane flies)
Family: Blephariceridae (net-winged or mountain midges)
Family: Psychodidae (mothflies and sandflies)
Family: Bibionidae (march flies)
Family: Thaumaleidae (solitary midges)
Family: Simuliidae (black flies)
Family: Ceratopogonidae (biting midges or punkies)
Family: Chironomidae (non-biting midges)
Family: Dixidae (dixid midges)
Family: Corethrellidae (phantom midges)
Family: Chaoboridae (phantom midges)
Family: Culicidae (mosquitoes)
Family: Anisopodidae (wood gnats)
Family: Mycetophalidae (fungus gnats)
Family: Sciaridae (dark-winged fungus gnats)
Family: Scatopsidae
Family: Cecidomyiidae (gall midges)
Family: Xylomyidae
Family: Strationmyidae (soldier flies)
Family: Tabanidae (horse flies and clegs)
Family: Ragionidae (snipe flies)
Family: Athericidae
Family: Therevidae (stiletto flies)
Family: Scenopinidae (window flies)
Family: Apioceridae (flower-loving flies)
Family: Mydidae (Mydas flies)
Family: Asilidae (robber flies)
Family: Nemestrinidae (tangle-veined flies)
Family: Acroceridae (small-headed flies)
Family: Bombyliidae (bee flies)
Family: Empididae (dance flies)
Family: Dolichopodidae (long-legged flies)
Division: Aschiza
Family: Lonchopteridae (spear-winged flies)
Family: Phoridae (scuttle flies)
Family: Platypezidae (flat-footed flies)
Family: Pipunculidae (big-headed flies)
Family: Syrphidae (hover flies and drone flies)
Division: Schizophora
Family: Conopidae
Family: Tephritidae (true fruit flies)
Family: Tachiniscidae
Family: Pyrgotidae
Family: Platystomatidae
Family: Otitidae
Family: Neriidae
Family: Micropezidae (stilt flies)
Family: Diopsidae (stalk-eyed flies)
Family: Psilidae
Family: Sepsidae
Family: Sciomyzidae (snail-killing flies)
Family: Chamaemyiidae
Family: Lauxabiidae
Family: Celyphidae (beetle flies)
Family: Coelopidae
Family: Heleomyzidae
Family: Sphaeroceridae (dung flies)
Family: Braulidae (bee lice)
Family: Chyromyidae
Family: Lonchaeidae
Family: Piophilidae (cheese skippers)
Family: Opomyzidae
Family: Clusiidae
Family: Odiniidae
Family: Agromyzidae
Family: Aulacigastridae
Family: Asteiidae
Family: Neurochaetidae
Family: Camillidae
Family: Ephydridae (shore flies)
Family: Diastatidae
Family: Curtonotidae
Family: Drosophilidae (vinegar flies)
Family: Milichiidae
Family: Cryptochetidae
Family: Tethinidae
Family: Canacidae
Family: Chloropidae (swarm flies)
Family: Scathophagidae
Family: Anthomyiidae
Family: Fanniidae
Family: Muscidae
Family: Glossinidae (tsetse flies)
Family: Hippoboscidae (keds)
Family: Streblidae (batflies)
Family: Nycteribiidae (batflies)
Family: Calliphoridae (blow flies and bluebottles)
Family: Sarcophagidae (flesh flies)
Family: Tachinidae
Family: Rhinophoridae
Family: Oestridae
Family: Gasterophilidae

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