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Oppidan/Staff Dining Hall

Oppidan dining hall


Which meals are available?

Lunches are served on weekdays (including Public Holidays) from 12:00 - 14:00

Please note that suppers are not available in the Oppidan dining hall. Suppers during the week, will be served in the Residence dining halls, after written permission has been obtained from the relevant Hall Wardens. Space is limited. Regretably the Jan Smuts, Kimberley and Nelson Mandela dining halls are NOT available to Oppidan meal takers.

What if I require meals on weekends?

These are available in some of the residence dining halls. Space is limited, and applications to have these meals must be approved by the relevant Hall Warden, prior to the meal being booked. This is so that the student can meet the Hall Warden, as well as familiarise themselves with the rules of the specific dining hall. DO SEEK WRITTEN AUTHORISATION FROM THE HALL WARDEN CONCERNED PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR OPPIDAN MEALS.

This is essential as a further 48 hour waiting period will apply after permission has been obtained from the Hall Warden.

Please note that Jan Smuts, Kimberley and the Nelson Mandela dining halls are not available.

Which diets are offered?

All of the diets that are offered in the residence dining halls, are available in the Oppidan dining hall.

What is the cost of a meal?

The 2017 rate is R31.08 per person, per lunch or per supper.

Who may use the facility?

Registered Oppidan students and University staff members may make use of this facility.

How do I make use of the facility? (Students only)

NB: Meal bookings MUST be made 48 hours prior to receiving your first meal.

Oppidan students are able to register and book their own meals online on ROSS. However, this can only happen after having completed administrative registration at Eden Grove. Please ensure that you have had your fingerprints taken on at the Oppidan hall administrator’s office, prior to taking your first meal.

How do I become an Oppidan meal taker?

Log onto ROSS; click on My Bookings; select Meals. You will receive a message that says that you are not currently a registered meal taker. Select YES if you wish to be an Oppidan meal taker.

To add funds, click on Additional Options and add balance.

 Once the available balance on the student's meals account has been depleted and a student wishes to book further meals; funds can be added either by charging to the Student Fees account (online – if you have a credit balance on your fees account); or by paying cash at the cashier and either handing proof of payment in at 35 South Street, or by emailing the proof of payment to meals (at ) ru (dot) ac (dot) za.

Please note that you will not be able to book weekend meals or breakfasts online untill you have submitted an application form, with a hall warden signing authorisation, to the Residence Systems Coordinator: 35 South Street


A. Oppidan Students


Take your cash payment for the amount of money that you want placed on your meals account, to the cashier in Eden Grove. (You need your student number as reference number, please ensure that you have your current student card with you while making meal booking arrangements). Bring your receipt to the Infrastrucure and Operations Building, located at 35 South Street; and present it to the Residence Systems Coordinator. Your meals account will be updated with the amount of money you specified and you can proceed to book your own meals online. You may also take a photo of your receipt / scan your receipt and email it, together with your student number and full name, to meals (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za


You may request that your meals be charged to your student fees account, provided that there are sufficient funds available on your student fees account. Should you wish to make use of this option, you may add funds online on ROSS (My utilities -> Meals -> Additional options -> Update Meal balance)

During February, you will be limited to R600 charged to your student fees account for meals. 

B. Staff Members

Please note that a biometric recognition system is used from 2010. 

This means that you need to apply for meals in person, as your fingerprint will be required. If your fingerprint has been captured previously during your time at Rhodes, you do not need to have it redone.

Advance payment is required for booking meals. Regrettably payment for meals cannot be deducted from a staff member's salary.

The following options for payment are available:

1. Cash: this needs to be paid in at the cashier at Eden Grove (inside the Student Bureau). Please give your staff number as reference, stating that the payment is for meals in the Oppidan dining hall. Retain the receipt as it will have to be attached to the application form as proof of payment for our records.

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You can now make an EFT. The Banking details are as follows:

Bank Name: First National Bank

Branch Number: 210-717

Account number: 6214 5507 490

Reference to be used: your staff number & meals, e.g. admnxxx meals / 05xxxxx meals

If you use an EFT as payment method for your first booking, you need to provide a copy of the proof of payment - this should be attached to the booking form.

If you have already completed a booking form and want to do an EFT to top up your meals account, you need only send the proof of payment to us via email: meals(at)ru.ac.za Do ensure that your staff number is quoted in all correspondence.

Booking procedure for staff members:

The form at the bottom of this page can be downloaded and printed. Please complete all relevant sections and bring it, in person, to the Residence Systems Coordinator's office at 35 South Street (Infrastructure and Operations Division).

Your valid Staff Card is required as proof of identity.

We will create your user profile for meals on Protea. Please ensure that the staff number you provide, is the one that you use to log on to the Rhodes internet system. You will be booking and managing your own meals online.

Staff members only need to visit the Residential Operations Division office at the initial booking. Thereafter all transactions can be done remotely if preferred.

What happens if I have an unused credit balance after unbooking some meals?

Student refunds are done once a year - at the end of the second semester. Regretfully meal refunds cannot be done at other times, unless you are withdrawing from the University.

Staff: Credit balances will be carried forward from semester to semester. Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Residence Systems Coordinator, Renette Kleinhans.

Views of oppidan dining hall

Are there any other regulations concerning the use of the Dining Hall?

1. Always have your student /staff card with you to positively identify yourself in the case of a power failure.

2. Meals may not be removed from the Dining Hall.

3. The Oppidan/Staff Dining Hall will operate during term only.

4. You may book up to three (3) additional meals per day to allow you to bring up to three (3) guests to a meal, provided that you either have sufficient funds available in your meals account, or made a payment towards these extra meals.

2017 Oppidan / staff meals booking form   (To be handed in at Infrastructure & Operations Division - 35 South Street. Valid student card must be presented)



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