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Rhodes offers beginner isiXhosa lessons

Date Released : 03/08/2017

Language is an essential tool in effecting transformation in a culturally diverse institution like Rhodes University.

Putting Rhodes University on the Map

Date Released : 09/12/2016

The journal French Studies in Southern Africa (FSSA) has elected its new editor, Prof Patrice Mwepu from French Studies, School of Languages & Literatures (Rhodes University), who has been elected as the new editor in chief of the journal.

Writer Mtuze honoured

Date Released : 08/07/2015

"READ and read and do more reading," renowned Xhosa writer Peter Tshobisa Mtuze said on Monday, when he was honoured by the Eastern Cape government for his lifetime’s work.

African languages have the power to transform universities

Date Released : 21/05/2015

A history lecturer teaching a class about the history of the Xhosa people in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province stops speaking English for a few minutes.

Language a pivotal tool to effect transformation at university

Date Released : 03/10/2014

Language is one of the pivotal tools to effect transformation at a university like Rhodes

Language in the Spotlight

Date Released : 02/06/2014

Grahamstown is home to a number of multilingual activists, and recently hosted the isiXhosa Children's Literacy Festival, organised by Elinor Sisulu and the Puku Foundation.

French Ambassador visits Rhodes

Date Released : 24/04/2014

French Ambassador Her Excellency Ms Elisabeth Barbier visited Rhodes University recently and met with a range of dignitaries, staff and students at Rhodes and the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG).

A 'legend' and a 'creative genius'

Date Released : 21/02/2014

Professor Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane meant many things to many people. Some have described him as a "legend" and a "creative genius", an outgoing person, who enjoyed good company as well as a good dialogue.

Author invited to share ideas at UK university

Date Released : 14/01/2014

Eastern Cape author Bandile Magibili has been invited to the University of East London in Britain for three weeks to deliver a series of lectures based on his self-published book, 2 B Black.

Rhodes students excel in French

Date Released : 21/11/2013

An awards ceremony was held recently to celebrate the success of Rhodes University students who passed the DELF A1 test.

Human displacement an enduring theme in our literature

Date Released : 31/10/2013

Human settlement, more often than not, emanates from human displacement.

Mother-tongue classrooms give a better boost to English study later

Date Released : 18/10/2013

What language should South African children be taught in?

Motshekga defends use of African languages

Date Released : 16/10/2013

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga yesterday defended the government’s plan to start phasing in the learning of an African language at all South African schools, saying scientific research showed that children who study in their first languages for the first years of schooling perform better.

A response to Jonathan Jansen’s Percy Baneshik Memorial Lecture to The English Academy of South Africa

Date Released : 09/10/2013

Professor Jonathan Jansen is rector of the University of the Free State. On 18 September 2013 he delivered the English Academy of South Africa’s Percy Baneshik Memorial Lecture.

Wrest power from English tyranny

Date Released : 05/10/2013

If our children are to stand tall, they must master the language used to exclude them.

Children are lost without translation

Date Released : 04/10/2013

Too few stories have been translated into African languages: let’s do something about it.

Photo unlocks little-known story

Date Released : 04/09/2013

An ancient photograph of long-dead relatives who fled Europe for South Africa in the 1850s, has inspired a Rhodes University language professor to write about life in the Eastern Cape and other parts of the country over the past 150 years.

Faculty of Education gets new Dean

Date Released : 30/07/2013

Prof Xoliswa Mtose has been appointed UNIZULU's Faculty of Education Dean.

Youth shape the way we communicate

Date Released : 04/07/2013

As in tsotsitaal, they play with language — and in so doing help create a common culture.

Anthology of young writers' work

Date Released : 19/06/2013

Paperight has released the Paperight Young Writers' Anthology 2013, a new multilingual anthology of original short stories, essays, poetry and illustrations by South African high school pupils.

New Shuttleworth-funded anthology discovers next generation of SA writers

Date Released : 18/06/2013

Paperight is proud to announce the release of the Paperight Young Writers’ Anthology 2013, a new multilingual literary anthology of original short stories, essays, poetry and illustrations by South African high school students.

African languages to be compulsory for all pupils

Date Released : 13/06/2013

Cape Town - An African language - including Afrikaans - will be compulsory for all pupils until matric, according to a new policy which could be implemented at all schools from as early as next year.

Learning and language

Date Released : 04/06/2013

Using a mother tongue makes progress at school or university easier for students the University of KwaZulu-Natal's announcement that it will make it compulsory to learn Zulu at that university from next year has been hailed by many as a return of African languages to the educational centre, in a true postcolonial sense of the word.

Evolving through language

Date Released : 04/06/2013

The University of KwaZuluNatal's announcement that it would make it compulsory to learn Zulu there from next year, has been hailed by many as a return of African languages to the educational centre, in a true post-colonial sense of the word.

The practicalities of implementing the policy will be difficult but the benefits are enormous.

Date Released : 04/06/2013

It was shocking to hear someone on Xolani Gwala's SAfm early morning news programme this month referring to the use of African languages in the schooling system as "dragging us back to the days of apartheid".

University demands that students and staff learn Zulu

Date Released : 03/06/2013

The University of KwaZulu-Natal's decision that all new students register for a compulsory Zulu course from next year has thrown the proverbial cat among the pigeons. While details of the initiative – a first for South African higher education – are unclear, the university believes that students must demonstrate bilingualism to earn their degrees.

Languages liberate and unify

Date Released : 27/05/2013

The University of KwaZuluNatal's announcement last week that it would make the learning of Zulu compulsory from next year, has been hailed by many as a return of African languages to the educational centre, in a true post-colonial sense of the word.

African languages key

Date Released : 26/05/2013

We recently read about the Eastern Cape’s forgotten schools where teaching and learning is simply not happening.

Nzayo uses language to reach multicultural audience

Date Released : 24/05/2013

A MULTILINGUAL Grahamstown language activist who uses a hilarious mix of Xhosa and English to tickle the funny bone has been nominated for a top South African Comics Choice Award.

Crossing the language barrier

Date Released : 24/05/2013

It’s been a long time coming, but learning an African language will soon be compulsory in schools. Brent Meersman tries to keep ahead of the kids

‘Enough’ teachers for African languages

Date Released : 23/05/2013

There are enough African language teachers to introduce the teaching of an African language in all schools in grades R and 1 from next year, says the Department of Basic Education.

Master one language before tackling another

Date Released : 23/05/2013

I applaud the University of KwaZulu-Natal for introducing isiZulu as a course for first-year students. But I wonder why this otherwise progressive move was made compulsory.

Multilingualism is a resource

Date Released : 23/05/2013

Apartheid used our languages to divide and rule. Today we want to use them to increase social cohesion and economic participation.

Quest for a new engaged intellectualism

Date Released : 22/05/2013

It struck me the other day that black South Africans use the term ukuzabalaza and the word Umzabalazo almost exclusively in relation to the fight against apartheid and colonialism.

Varsity students must take isiZulu

Date Released : 17/05/2013

Kwazulu-natal language move sparks controversy in the halls of higher learning.

Rhodes lauded for African science ‘translatathons’

Date Released : 17/05/2013

BREAKING down long-held beliefs that indigenous African languages could not be used to teach science would go a long way towards ridding South Africa of “linguistic apartheid”.

Mobile Xhosa for health practitioners

Date Released : 02/05/2013

It's a problem commonly faced by healthcare practitioners in multilingual societies: how to translate medical questions put to them in other languages accurately enough for them to provide correct diagnoses and treatment.

SA's shifting language landscape

Date Released : 24/04/2013

“Afrikaans and English no longer ‘white languages’,” read a press release from the SA Institute of Race Relations this week. The analysis of data from the 2011 census indicates that only 40% of South Africans who speak Afrikaans at home are white, while less than 34% of those who speak English at home are white. While isiZulu remains the most commonly-spoken language by quite a wide margin, it is English which is leading the way as the most preferred teaching language.

Rhodes University Multilingual Short Story Competition

Date Released : 23/04/2013

The Rhodes University Language Committee is engaged in a project to raise awareness on campus about multilingualism in Higher Education in South Africa.

University has hopes to score in Xhosa

Date Released : 02/04/2013

Stellenbosch University is taking steps to promote and embrace Xhosa, along with other African languages, via sports terminology booklets.

Tongue-tied on language policy

Date Released : 22/03/2013

How is it that the language in education policy in a country with one of the most progressive constitutions in the world still fails the majority of its learners from their earliest school years?

Words, pictures tell story

Date Released : 19/02/2013

"I cannot tell my story without recalling a long way back." - Hermann Hesse.

Education helps build relationships

Date Released : 27/01/2013

More than 10,000 South Africans are learning Chinese in universities and secondary and primary schools around the country thanks to efforts by the Chinese government to enhance Chinese language education in South Africa.

The Iliad goes local

Date Released : 11/12/2012

Homer’s Iliad, the well-known Greek poem set in the Trojan War, has been translated into English versions and virtually every language in the world for many centuries, but now a South African professor in classic literature has published the first South African English translation of the epic tale.

Language teaching ‘not just a political statement’

Date Released : 06/12/2012

Teachers and lecturers from as far afield as China, Ethiopia and Germany congregated at Rhodes University recently to share their experiences of teaching second or additional languages.

Tribute to multilingualism proponent

Date Released : 26/11/2012

Dean of Humanities Prof Fred Hendricks presented a deeply personal tribute to the multi-linguist, Prof Neville Alexander at the opening of a colloquium on second language teaching recently.

Navigate SA’s linguistic minefield with tolerance

Date Released : 28/11/2012

Separate conversations on recent flights have underlined for me the important role that language will play in our search for cross-cultural unity and harmony.

Does the medium affect the message for students?

Date Released : 31/10/2012

Most South African students in higher education are not being educated in their first language. English dominates the higher educational context, including learning material and the circulation and distribution of new knowledge.

Learning new languages pays

Date Released : 30/10/2012

The expressions "ni hoa", "al salaam a'alaykum" and "namaste" might not mean much to most South Africans, but as the new world economies develop rapidly, the value of being able to greet people in Mandarin, Arabic and Hindi is rising.

Slow development of African languages at South African universities a concern

Date Released : 23/11/2012

The South African Department of Higher Education and Training says it remains concerned at the slow development of African languages in the country's universities and has set up a Ministerial Advisory Panel to look into the issue.

African languages need to be developed - Blade Nzimande

Date Released : 22/11/2012

Minister says both wealthy and poor black children lose out from a lack of mother tongue education.

Tribute to multilingualism proponent

Date Released : 21/11/2012

Dean of Humanities Prof Fred Hendricks presented a deeply personal tribute to the multi-linguist, Prof Neville Alexander at the opening of a colloquium on second language teaching recently.

Stop the death of isiXhosa

Date Released : 21/09/2012

Middle class not proud of their heritage. As South Africans celebrate Heritage Day on Monday, academics and African languages' specialists warned of the death of isiXhosa — the cornerstone and one-time proud heritage of the Xhosa speaking people.

Speaking in mother tongues

Date Released : 22/09/2012

Academics, politicians and experts in the Eastern Cape are calling for the use of indigenous languages in education and all government documents.

Vital that whites learn to speak African languages

Date Released : 06/09/2012

Bheki Sele. Tabo Ma-beki. Senzo Msunu. Kagalima Mokla-Ante. This is just an example of how African names are remorselessly butchered by people who clearly have no intention of learning a thing about African languages. So, Cele becomes “Sele” – dangerously close to “isela”, a thief in isiXhosa.

Chinese centre boost for Rhodes

Date Released : 07/09/2012

RHODES University’s decision to offer Chinese studies four years ago is helping to turn what many perceived as a colonial establishment into something with more universal appeal.

Language has to be on national agenda

Date Released : 17/05/2012

Multilingualism in higher education faces challenges SOUTH Africa's democracy was at a crossroads and language, at the heart of real transition and liberation, was not even on the national agenda, political analyst and commentator Professor Somadoda Fikeni warned.

Somadoda Fikeni gives an inaugural Multilingualism Awareness Lecture

Date Released : 14/05/2012

Political analyst and social commentator, Professor Somadoda Fikeni, will give a public lecture on the challenges of multilingualism in higher education tomorrow (15 May).

Guanxi with Rhodes leads to Chinese book donation

Date Released : 09/05/2012

It was a rainy evening in early March when journalism alumni Wang Guoqin noticed the sign to the Confucius Institute while revisiting his alma mater with family and friends. His curiosity led him to Chinese Studies Professor Ma Yue, who still happened to be in his office.

Reverend fills in Xhosa language gaps

Date Released : 04/04/2013

Amid a sea of young university students who will graduate from Rhodes University next weekend, 79-year-old reverend JC "Koos" Oosthuysen prepares to receive his doctorate in African Languages.

Language expert to launch a book during Festival

Date Released : 27/06/2013

Prof Russell Kaschula, the National Research Foundation SARCHhi Chair of Intellectualism of African Languages will launch short story anthology as part of the Wordfest Programme on Sunday, 30 June 2012, in Eden Grove Red lecture theatre. The book is entitled Displaced, explores past and present complexities in South Africa.

Author Soga heading for Rhodes

Date Released : 15/07/2013

By day Soga Mlandu oversees municipal administration but by night he writes short stories.

Xhosa legends’ literary works brought to life

Date Released : 10/09/2013

Xhosa literature fanatics can look forward to further compilations of the written works of legendary authors like Samuel Edward Krune Mqhayi.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Offer

Date Released : 18/09/2013

Postdoctoral Fellowship Offer

Taking ownership of indigenous languages and learning

Date Released : 04/07/2014

Higher education in an African context is the focus of two Research Chairs that explore fundamental issues about the delivery of higher learning.

Senior Teaching Award for 2013 – Ms Undine Weber

Date Released : 14/11/2014

Language acquisition can be seen as a necessary means to an end, namely to develop understanding between people and cultures.

Ethics of poetic ethnicities

Date Released : 18/05/2015

How I wish I could, like many, pretend that the ethics of poetry are engraved on a rock somewhere at the centre of the global village — an assumption that downplays the fact that one’s domicile, environment and experience directly informs his literary outlook.