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Conflict Sensitive Journalism Project(CSJP)

The Conflict Sensitive Journalism Project (CCSR) seeks to contribute towards peace and conflict resolution by promoting an approach to journalism that recognises the media’s potential to make a constructive contribution in during times of conflict.

The project was initially launched as the Centre for Conflict Sensitive Reporting, with the backing of UNESCO’s Power of Peace Project, and today falls under the wing of the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership. The project’s main activities include facilitating training courses in the field of conflict sensitive reporting, raising awareness about the potential role journalists can play in mitigating conflict and conducting research in the field.

The CSJP frequently partners with local and international media development institutions and has been involved in running training courses in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Burma, South Africa and Turkey since its launch.  These courses have all been very well-received with participants frequently highlighting the highly interactive nature of the CSJP’s discovery-orientated teaching and learning methodologies.

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