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Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Rhodes University and to introduce you to the Division of Student Affairs and the array of services we offer.
Through the different services offered by the Division, the University aims to ensure holistic development of our students. The University wishes to create an opportunity for growth and development in support of the academic project. We invite students to take advantage of our services that are positioned to ensure responsible and ethical leadership and academic success. We wish that students will participate in leadership  development, sporting, cultural and residential activities. These life changing opportunities are located with three sections that constitute the Division of Student Affairs which are; Wellness Section, Sport Administration and Student Services.

The Wellness Section consists of the Health Care Centre, Counselling Centre, HIV office and Career Centre. Currently, Staff and Student Harassment and Mediation are also located within the Wellness Section. Students are encouraged to visit the Wellness Section to learn more about the services offered to contribute towards holistic development of our students. These services are also meant to ensure that academic success for students is not compromised.

Sport Administration is responsible for recreational and competitive sport. This they do through Residence Sport, Sport facilities, and the Health Suite. Lessons learnt through participating in sport go beyond sport. Besides
physical wellness, students learn about leadership, respect, team effectiveness and discipline in general. Students involved in sport generally perform well academically.

The Student Services Section consists of the Student Representative Council (which includes the governance of all societies); the Residence System (wardening and leadership structure); Disabilities Office; and First -
Year Orientation. The residence system contributes to personal transformation in the students that is lasting. The principle of social inclusion fosters this transformation. Optimally, the residence system celebrates diversity and respects differences. The living and learning space includes spaces to learn about community engagement and social responsibility.  Students are encouraged to engage with the SRC and partake in the residence environment for their own self-reflection and personal holistic growth.

The Pocket Money Fund and Get Home Safe programme are two initiatives in the division that are here to assist students. For more information on these programmes, visit our website www.ru.ac.za/studentaffairs/

Whenever you are in need and don’t know where to go, please visit the Division of Student Affairs. We are here to listen, refer, guide and support.

Mr Malinge Gqeba
Director of Division of Student Affairs

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