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Judge Dikgang Moseneke

Date Released: Thu, 30 March 2017 16:35 +0200

Wordfest 2017 hosts former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke for the launch of his frank autobiography: My Own Liberator. The book highlights the values and influences that shaped him to be the accomplished man of principle and independent unflinching views. He takes us along on his development from childhood to serving time behind bars on Robben Island as a teenager for his political activities. His love for education saw him pursue his studies from behind bars. After his release from prison he joined the legal profession and defended many charged for political activities. In the early 90’s he helped to draft the interim constitution and later in his illustrious career became a custodian of the South African Constitution in the highest court in the land. Join him for a rare opportunity as he discusses topical issues with other brilliant minds at Wordfest 2017. (Check out the 2017 Wordfest programme for the dates and times of the launches).