Rachel Baasch (PhD 2013 - 2016)


Rachel Baasch was born in Durban, South Africa. She completed her Bachelors (2009), Masters (2012) in Fine Art (with distinction) specialising in sculpture and installation and her PhD in Art History and Visual Culture (2016) at Rhodes University, where she lectured on a part-time basis. Rachel’s interests are both practically and theoretically driven. Her previous installations such as Precaution Remains (2009) and The Eyes of the Wall and Other Short Stories (2012), interrogate the relationship between physical and psychological borders and boundaries in a socio-political context. Her work is concerned with notions of seeing and blindness in relation to physical and psychological walls and markers of division which arguably shape and influence the way that one perceives the internal self and that which is external to the self within a specific and meaningful place. Rachel spent ten months in Ramallah in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank where she conducted research for her PhD thesis “Visual Narratives of Division: South African and Palestinian Intersections”. This study examines the way in which artists respond to, and potentially subvert defensive aesthetics and dominant narratives of division. She has published in De Arte and Image and Text journals. Her MFA supervisors were Prof Ruth Simbao (theory) and Prof Maureen de Jager (practice), and her PhD supervisor is Prof Simbao. 

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