Claire Nalukenge

Claire Nalukenge PhD candidate

Claire Nalukenge is a PhD Candidate in Art History with the NRF/DST SARChI Chair Geopolitics and the Arts of Africa, Arts of Africa and Global Souths Research Programme at Rhodes University, Makhanda, South Africa. Her research focuses on The Mubende Hill Cultural Site in Uganda: Cultural objects in relation to spiritual, ritual and medicinal ways of knowing.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Arts (BIFA) and an MA (Fine Art) from Makerere University. During her MA, her major interest was on Buganda culture, as reflected in the topic of her thesis: Art and the Ngeye Totem: Constructing the Ngeye Clan Identity beyond Home Space. In this research, she drew inspiration from the Ngeye totem and the duties of the Ngeye clan members towards the Kabaka as signifiers of cultural identity beyond the home space to generate fiber art. Her research interests are culture and identity.


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