Caryn Le Kay


Caryn Le Kay, born and raised in George, Western Cape, is studying a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree Majoring in Fine Art Practice 4 and Art History Visual Culture 4 at Rhodes University.  Her research interest leans towards topics based on gender relations, gender-based violence, protest activism and power relations. She is most passionate about these discourses, as they derive from a place of understanding the hardship womxn in South Africa undergo being a womxn herself. 


Her practice mainly encompasses mediums such as material (specifically undergarments), clay and plaster of Paris. Having a background in sculpture and ceramics, she tends to challenge and subvert traditional forms of art production by shift-shaping and using her conceptual thinking as a foundation. Her research topic deals with the portrayals of how artists use durational performance to grapple with the issue of violence against womxn and the absence of safety in South Africa in relation to the rise in gender-based violence. 

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