Ivy Kulundu-Gotz


Ivy Kulundu-Gotz was born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Maseru, Lesotho. Ivy completed MFA degree at Rhodes University. She also holds a Bachelor of Law degree, which she obtained in 2004, as well as a BFA in 2010 with distinction in studio practice for her final exhibition "Breaking Water." "Breaking Water," attempted to visually articulate her transient experience of being in utero, by using water in its different states as a metaphor for change and the varied juxtapositions and tensions faced in the private public space of her pregnancy. The use of video, installation and performance elements were central in expressing the different levels and layers of that lived experience. Her current areas of interest revolve around liminality, presence and complicity both on a personal and broader context and she looks forward to exploring these themes through a cross disciplinary application. Her MFA supervisors were Prof Ruth Simbao (theory) and Rat Western (practice). 

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