Joseph Coetzee


Joseph Coetzee completed his Masters in Fine Art at Rhodes University. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 2013 with two distinctions.  He is interested in the contemporary South African condition and looking at the existing legacy of various ideological mechanisms left over from colonialism and apartheid. He is interested in the hybridity, which arises around these through each new generation. His research is informed by social media and internet culture, and as a practicing artist has worked with various mediums from cell phone footage and performance to public mural painting and film.  He recently co-authored the essay “You Are The Poster Boy of What South Africa Can Be” for the exhibition catalogue Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Unfrozen Rainbow Core with Zamansele Nsele. His MFA supervisors were Dr Phindi Mnyaka (theory) and Brent Meistre (practice). 

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