Vusi Khumalo


Vusi Khumalo is an artist who is currently based in Guateng and is represented by Everard Read Gallery. Khumalo lived in exile in Zambia and Tanzania during Apartheid and studied in Sweden, and he was one of the founders of the Dakawa Art and Craft Community Centre in Grahamstown.

In 2011 Khumalo presented a talk to the Rhodes Fine Art students and staff, discussing his visits to China in 2007 and 2009 that were organized by Chen Dabing's Chenshia Art Foundation. When he was in China he collaborated with artists from the Hubei Institute of Fine Art. He was the first South African artist to be chosen for the Chenshia Art Foundation exchange. In 2011, Khumalo also participated in the roundtable discussion “Public Art and Community Art” chaired by ViPAA PhD candidate, Eben Lochner, at the Arts Lounge, National Arts Festival. (Photos: Ruth Simbao).

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