Dr Nanashaitu Àdùkẹ Umoru-Ọ̀kẹ́

Nanashaitu Àdùkẹ Umoru-Ọ̀kẹ́, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Fine & Applied Arts, Ọbáfẹ́mi Awólọ́wọ̀ University Ilé-Ifẹ̀, Nigeria where she teaches ceramics and art history. Dr Umoru-Oke is currently the head of the Ceramic unit of the Department of Fine & Applied Arts, Ọbáfẹ́mi Awólọ́wọ̀ University. Her areas of interest include African traditional pottery techniques, with a focus on the imagery, function, and iconography of Yoruba pottery, on which she has published some articles. As a ceramist, Dr Umoru-Oke’s practical application of theory in the production of creative works such as theme-based assemblage pots, mosaics, and plaques have impacted the works of her Fine Art students. She has also participated in several conferences and workshops within and outside Nigeria and she is a member of ACASA, CPAN, CeRAN, CAA, SNA, and Nigerian Field Society.

Presently, Dr Umoru-Oke is the Writer in Residency for the Residencies for Artists and Writers (RAW) programme that is hosted by the Arts of Africa and Global Souths research programme at Rhodes University, Makhanda, for four months (May-September 2021).

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