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The University's acceptable use policy is undergoing a review, and has been completely rewritten and restructured. This process began in 2013, and is ongoing. The aim is to provide more comprehensive and concrete guidelines for specific situations, whilst keeping the actual Council-approved policy fairly straighforward and readable. As such, much of the content of the old acceptable use policy has or is in the process of being split into separate documents. Where relevant, each of these documents will be individually approved by the Information Technology Steering Committee. Some new policies will go through Senate and Council.

The particular document you are trying to access is referenced in anticipation of its future existance. However it has not, as yet, been completed or formally ratified, and thus has not been published.

In the absence of the specific document you have been referred to, the more comprehensive old acceptable use policy should be seen as clarifying guidelines for those section of the new acceptable use policy that may seem unclear or incomplete.

Last Modified: Fri, 11 May 2018 11:14:06 SAST