Prof Gregory Blatch

Rhodes University Visiting Professor hosted by BioBRU (Honorary Appointment)

Professor and Dean, College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University.

Brief Biography

Prof Blatch is a Rhodes University Visiting Professor hosted by BioBRU and Dean of the College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University, Australia. He received his PhD from the University of Cape Town (UCT, South Africa; 1990) and did his postdoctoral at Harvard University Medical School (USA; 1993-1995). He started his university career at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS, South Africa; 1995), before moving to Rhodes University (South Africa; 2000), where he was Head of Biochemistry (2000-2003), Professor of Biochemistry (2004-2010), and Chair of the School of Biotechnology (2008-2010). He established the Biomedical Biotechnology Research Unit (BioBRU) in 2008 at Rhodes University. His personal research interests fall within the broad field of stress biology, and he is internationally recognized for his work on the role of stress in disease (e.g. cancer) and infection (e.g. malaria). He was awarded a Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship (UK) for biomedical aspects of his research (2002-2007). He holds a B1 rating from the NRF and the South African Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SASBMB) awarded him the Gold Medal (2008) for his contributions to the promotion of biochemistry in Southern Africa. 

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