Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme



“Revitalising and Transforming the Academic Profession”

Are you planning to embark on Master’s degree studies? Have you considered a career as an academic? Then the Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme (NESP) may just be for you!


The Department of Higher Education and Training is pleased to announce the implementation of Phase 1 of the Nurturing Emerging Scholar’s Programme (NESP).  The NESP is a three-year programme that includes a 2 year Master's scholarship followed immediately by a 1-year academic internship at a recruiting South African university. 

Do you want to participate in a prestigious, structured, Post Graduate studies and development opportunity as a first step into an academic career that:


  • Enables you to register and study for a full time Master’s degree at a University of your choice;
  • Ensures that you are fully supported through a scholarship for up to a period of 2 years;
  • Enables you to take up a 1-year internship position at a South African university after completion of the Master’s Degree;
  • Ensures that you are fully supported by a mentor for the duration of your participation in the development programme;
  • Provides an opportunity for exposure through support for a possible international mobility experience; and
  • Enables you to develop your teaching and research abilities. 


Then consider applying for one or more of the NESP positions listed below:

To be eligible for selection for the NESP, applicants must meet the following criteria, in addition to meeting the criteria specified by the University:

  • Show interest in becoming an academic;
  • Be 35 years or younger; 
  • Be a South African citizen;
  • A minimum average of 65% attained in an appropriate Level 8 qualification e.g. Honour’s degree;
  • Show evidence of eligibility to undertake postgraduate studies at Master’s level;
  • Commitment to placement at the recruiting University for the full 3 years of the programme (2 years of studying at any University, and 1 year of internship at the recruiting University)


The following NESP Phase 1 opportunities are available:


Please note that you do need a Gmail address and be signed in to complete the application if you need assistance please listen to the audio here or watch this short video on how to create a Gmail address. 



12 NESP positions involving  a scholarship for Masters study at a French university, offered in partnership with the French Embassy in South Africa, and an academic internship at the recruiting South African university 

Closing date for applications: 17 July 2020

STEP 1: NB please consult the following - listen to this audio before you start   47+ Voice Clipart... Voice Clip | ClipartLook

STEP 2: List of programs available in English:


STEP 3: Click the link to the institution you want to apply to


For assistance contact Campus France Pretoria Office for advice and assistanceGail Vermaak, Campus France officer:



Cape Peninsula University of Technology

1.1 Nautical Science


Please note to apply you need to have a degree in  the following:

  • Mechanical Engineering, Ship Navigation and Maritime Studies.

Central University of Technology 

1.2 Physics

Vaal University of Technology

1.11 Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)

Please note to apply you need to have a degree in  the following:

  • A BSc/BEng (Honours) degree in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering speciality) or a BTech degree in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering speciality)




To apply please click on the institution name above where you want to apply. 

Closing date for applications: 17 July 2020

Applicants will be expected to apply simultaneously to a French public university, and successful applicants will be expected to start their studies in September 2020, at the beginning of the French academic year.



NESP positions involving a scholarship for Masters study at a South African university and an academic internship at the recruiting South African university

Closing date for applications: 15 August 2020


Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Central University of Technology  Durban University of Technology  Mangosuthu University of Technology  Nelson Mandela  University  North-West University 

2.1 Emergency Medical Care

2.2 Agricultural Extension

2.3 Electronic Communication and Satellite Technology

2.4 Dental Technology

2.5 Design

2.6 Applied Mathematics

2.7 Biomedical Technology

2.8 Tourism and Hospitality Management

2.9 Sport Management and Science

2.10 Generic Health Sciences

2.11 Horticulture/Plant Biotechnology/Plant Tissue Culture

2.12 Fashion Design

2.13 Marketing

2.14 Human Resources Management

2.15 Mathematics and multilingualism - Senior Phase/FET

2.16 Information Technology – Software Engineering

2.17 Foundation Phase – Language and Literacy

2.18 Law – Ocean Governance  

2.19 Physical Science

2.20 Mathematics

2.21 Movement Education

2.22 Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Rhodes University

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University  Tshwane University of Technology  University of Fort Hare  University of Johannesburg  University of KwaZulu-Natal 

2.23 Financial Markets and Quantitative Economics

2.24 Pharmacy

2.25 Law

2.26 African Music Studies

2.27 Foundation Phase Literacy

2.28 Midwifery

2.29 Nursing Education

2.30 Clinical Pharmacy (2 positions)

2.31 Metallurgical Engineering

2.32 Performing Arts

2.33 Marketing Management

2.34 Sport management

2.35 Mathematics Education

2.36 Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology

2.37 Geology

2.38 Law - Competition Regulation 

2.39 Zoology

2.40 Engineering (Civil or Geotechnical)

2.41 Mechanical Engineering

2.42 Podiatry

2.43 Biochemistry

2.44 Engineering (Electrical or Electronic or  Computer)

2.45 Mechanical Engineering

2.46 Chemical Engineering

2.47 Agricultural Engineering

2.48Civil Engineering

University of Limpopo

University of Mpumalanga  University of Pretoria  University of South Africa  University of the Free State  University of Venda 

2.49 Medical Microbiology

2.50 Chemical Pathology

2.52Chemical Pathology (Haematology)

2.52 Mathematics Education

2.53 Agricultural Sciences

2.54 Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

2.55 Development Studies

2.56 Pharmacology

2.57 Civil Engineering (Geotechnical, Materials, Structural, Water, Transportation)

2.58 Bioinformatics

2.59 Toxicology

2.60 Heritage and Cultural Tourism

2.61 Civil Engineering (2 positions)

2.62 Biomedical Engineering (2 positions)

2.63 Law

2.64 Forensic Science       

2.65 Optometry

2.66 Business Management

2.67 Computer Science

2.68 Urban and Regional Planning

2.69 Industrial Psychology

University of the Western Cape

University of the Witwatersrand University of Zululand  Vaal University of Technology Walter Sisulu University   

2.70 History

2.71 Oral Microbiology or Molecular Biology and Genetics, including Forensics

2.72 Law - Children's Rights

2.73 Business, Economics and Management Studies 

2.74 Finance

2.75 Construction Management

2.76 Social Work

2.77 Speech-Language Therapy

2.78 Property Studies 

2.79 Development Studies

2.80 Life Sciences Education

2.81 Information Technology Security

2.82 Governance and local government development mandate 

2.83 Civil Engineering (Transportation-Railway Engineering)

2.84 Sport and Recreation Management

2.85 Tourism

2.86 Nursing

2.87 Geography

2.88 Zoology (2 positions)

2.89 Medical Microbiology


To apply please click on the institution name above where you want to apply. 

Closing date for applications: 15 August 2020

Successful applicants will be expected to start their studies at the beginning of the 2021 academic year.


Contact email address for queries:


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